Natural dust-free straw bales or horse bedding

Cereal straw bales for horse bedding

Small bales packed in recyclable plastic
Cut in four slices and dust-free
Fibre lenght: 3-10 cm

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Product informations

Cereal Straw is obtained from grain crops such as Soft Wheat, Barley and Spelt, all grown on Italian fields and processed in Italy.
GMO free product.
The particular production process and the ventilation allows to obtain a soft and delicate bedding, ideal for mares and foals boxes.
With a minimum absorption of 200%, its long fiber texture guarantees comfort and easy usage.


Instructions for use

  • Replacing an alternative litter – It is important to get used the horse gradually to the new bedding: during the daily cleaning, integrate the old litter with small quantities of straw small bales until the full replacement within 7-10 days.
  • New box – Distribute one small bale of straw every 4 square meters (4 bales per box). This quantity is indicative, it has to be tailored to your case depending on the material of the box floor. During the daily cleaning, remove only dirty parts and add new product as needed. Each 30 days remove completely the bedding, clean up the box and leave it open until the floor is completely dry. After covering again the floor with straw, leave the the box open for a half an hour in order to allow the dust to settle down before entering the horse.


Suitable for

Nutritional facts


Dimensions: 60 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm

Bale weight: 13 kg

Bales on pallet: n. 48

Pallet weight: 624 kg

Pallet dimensions: 130 cm x 95 cm x 220 cm



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