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Cereal straw for feeding and bedding

In Gruppo Carli you can find a complete range of straws obtained from cereals including hard and wheat, barley and spelt, or from seed cultures, such as alfalfa and ryegrass.
Cereals are grown by Gruppo Carli farms in Italian fields, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticide treatments and irrigation and straw processing occurs in group production plants in Italy.
Straw can be employed for animal nutrition as a fiber complement in feeding rations or used as bedding.


Cereal straw for feeding and bedding.

Bales tied with iron wires or plastic ropes

Weight: 650 kg

Fibre content: 40% – 50%


  • 3 – 5 cm
  • 5 – 10 cm

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Double compressed bales tied with recyclable nylon twines.

Bales dimensions: 

  • Small: cm 55 x 40 x 30  Weight 16/25 kg
  • Medium:  cm 55 x 40 x 45 Weight 35 kg
  • Big: cm 55 x 40 x 90 Weight 70 kg

Fiber content: 40 – 50%

Fibre Length: > 10 cm




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Selected and pelleted cereal straw.

Diameter: 6, 8, 10 18 mm

Fibrous content: 40% – 50%

Available in:

  • 25 kg bags on pallet of 60 bags
  • 500 – 1500 jumbo bags
  • Bulk

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Cereal straw bales for horse bedding.

Small bales packed in recyclable plastic
Cut in four slices and dust-free
Fibre lenght: 3-10 cm


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Selected cereal straw, pelleted and crumbled for use as bedding.

High fibre content and high absorbency (400%)

Available in:

  • 20 kg bags on pallets of 60 bags
  • 800/1000 kg big bags
  • bulk

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Selected cereal straw, pressed into wafers.

Wafer (cubes) cm 3×3

Fiber content: 40% – 50% o.d.m.


  • 18/20 kg bags on pallet of 70 bags
  • Bulk

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Shape: fiber

Use: greenhouse and garden mulching


13 kg bales packed in recyclable plastic pre-cut
into 4 slices and delivered on pallets of 48 bales

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