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Taking care of your garden in an environmentally and friendly way!

Fertilpiù is the organic vegetable fertilizer composed by 100% GMO-free organic Italian alfalfa, dehydrated and pressed into pellets to preserve alfalfa nutrient value. Fertilpiù enhances soil fertility and stimulates plant growth in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Ideal for roses, vegetable gardens, herbs, flowers and shrubs.
Healthier soil, healthier plants, healthier food!


100% Vegetable-origin alfalfa fertilizer.

Available in shape of pellet or crushed pellet

Paper bags placed on pallets

Weight: 10 kg

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Cereal straw mulch

Shape: crushed pellet

Use: garden mulch


  • bulk
  • 500/1000/1500 kg jumbo bags with or without pallet
  • 20 kg bags on pallet of 60 bags


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Shape: fiber

Use: greenhouse and garden mulching


13 kg bales packed in recyclable plastic pre-cut
into 4 slices and delivered on pallets of 48 bales

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