Straw pellet

Cereal straw pellet for feeding or bedding

Diameter 6, 8, 10 18 mm

Available in

  • 25 kg bags on pallet of 60 bags
  • 500 – 1500 jumbo bags
  • Bulk

Product informations

Gruppo Carli cereal straw is obtained from grain crops such as soft wheat, barley and spelt, grown on Italian fields, chopped, compressed into pellets exclusively through a mechanical process.
Composed 100% by natural cereal straw, the product does not contain additives or glues.
Absorbs up to 400% of its volume.
Reduces the ammonia smell.
Maximum thermal isolation.
No harmful to animals if ingested.
Cereal straw is an excellent fiber supplement in the animals’ diet or it can be employed as natural bedding thanks to its high-absorption and low-dust properties.


Instructions for use

Use as bedding in poultry farming

For broilers and turkeis distribute a uniform layer thick minimum 1,5 cm (about 7 – 8 kg/sqm).
Increase the quantity in case of big birds (for ex. ostriches) to about 10 kg/sqm.
No need to move it manually, poultry natural movements keep the bedding dry.
Each 60 days remove completely the bedding and replace it with new clean crushed straw.


Suitable for

Nutritional facts

Average analysis on dry matter

Moisture:   8,50%

Fiber:      40,80%

Protein:     2,70%

Ash:          8%

Fat:          1,10%


25 kg bags on pallet of 60 bags

500 – 1500 jumbo bags



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