Depending on the product to be grown, sowing is performed in spring or autumn, with seed produced or selected directly by Gruppo Carli. The cultivation of all forage occurs exclusively on Italian fields and is carried out without the use of pesticides or irrigation with groundwater.


Harvesting is carried on with advanced technologies: state-of-the-art mergers, thanks to an innovative raking sistem, provide the product in a gentle manner keeping it clean and intact even in the hottest hours of the day. Harvest time is carefully evaluated by our agronomists : the best time to get the best protein and fiber is the vegetative stage.


Gruppo Carli products can be dried in the sun or dehydrated. In the dehydration process, the shredded alfalfa is inserted inside the oven,which with hot air flows produced by the combustion of natural energy sources eliminates most of the water present in fresh forage maintaining its nutritional properties unchanged and facilitating its conservation. After dehydration the product (with residual moisture of 10-15%) is pressed and packed in rectangular big bales, small bales or pellets.

Quality control

To guarantee constant product quality and freshness, raw materials and end products are tested daily and the entire production process follows a strict traceability procedure. External certification boards guarantee product quality through periodic crop, production and stock inspections.

Packaging and storage

Finished products, both in bales and pellets, are packed and stored in ventilated warehouses to guarantee proper storage without the use of preservatives