Straw natural mulch

Shape: fiber

Use: greenhouse and garden mulching


13 kg bales packed in recyclable plastic pre-cut
into 4 slices and delivered on pallets of 48 bales

Product informations

Gruppo Carli straw comes from cereals grown on Italian fields and processed by Group premises in Italy. fields. Hard and soft wheat, spelt and barley are cultivated with no use of chemical fertilizers, pesticide treatments or irrigation.
Gruppo Carli straw is completely natural and mechanically processed only: cutting, chopping, pelletizing and crushing pellets involves no additives or other substances.
The straw is widely used in gardening as a natural mulch as it limits the growth of weeds, reduces water consumption and enhances healthy and eco-friendly plant growth.


  • Gruppo Carli mulching straw reduces the growth of weeds by as much as 90%, in a completely natural way.
  • Distributed at the base of plants, Gruppo Carli straw forms a thermal barrier that protects roots from thermal and water shocks.
  • Gruppo Carli straw helps preserve optimal soil moisture, allowing water savings of 50% compared to unmulched crops.
  • Its short fiber length eases application to the base of rows, ensuring uniform soil coverage and preventing parasites from reaching the upper parts of the plants.
  • Neutral pH, Gruppo Carli organic mulch straw helps maintain the natural acidity of the soil, enriching it with micronutrientsand facilitating healthy plant growth.
  • 100% ecological and biodegradable, Gruppo Carli straw allows you to perform mulching in a sustainable way, avoiding the use of herbicides and plastics, such as LDPE film.

Instructions for use

Before application, remove any weeds and water.

Spread an even layer of straw mulch at the base of rows just as soon as the crop begins to take form, making sure seedlings remain exposed to the light.

Recommended for vegetable garden and greenhouse cultivations.



13 kg bales packed in recyclable plastic, pre-cut in 4 slices and delivered on pallets of 48 bales.

Bales dimensions: cm 30 X 60 H 30
Pallet dimensions: cm 125 X 100 H 255


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