Cereal crushed straw bedding

Selected cereal straw, pelleted and crumbled for use as bedding.

High fibre content and high absorbency (400%)

Available in:

  • 20 kg bags on pallets of 60 bags
  • 800/1000 kg big bags
  • bulk

Product informations

Crushed straw by Gruppo Carli is obtained from cereal crops such as wheat, barley and spelt grown in Italian fields. During the production process the straw is processed exclusively by mechanical means.
Composed by 100% natural straw, the product does not contain additives or glues.
GMO-free product.

Crushed straw by Gruppo Carli has an absorbency of up to 400% of its volume, giving to animal natural comfort and well-being.
Thanks to the high temperature pelletizing process it is hygienic and it is not harmful if swallowed.
Crushed straw by Gruppo Carli is a versatile litter that provides excellent thermal insulation, it is successfully employed in all seasons and in different breeding conditions (dairy or meat cattle, sheep and goats, horses, poultry, pigs).

Instructions for use

Poultry farms (broilers, layers, turkeys, ostriches, geese and ducks)

For broiler chickens – broilers – for chicks evenly spread a layer of minimum 6 mm (about 3 kg / sqm).
Increase the quantity for adult poultry (cca 5 kg / sqm).
Remove completely the litter every 50-60 days, clean the surface and cover with clean straw.

Livestock farms

Distribute on the floor the desired quantity of crushed straw.
Remove the dirty parts daily and replace the litter with clean straw.
Every 20-30 days remove completely the litter, clean the floor and distribute clean straw.

After use, the used straw litter can be recycled in biogas plants or disposed of as a natural fertilizer.


Suitable for

Nutritional facts

PROTEIN o.d.m.2% - 3%5% - 7%8% - 10%
FIBER40% - 50%40% - 50% 40% - 50%
ASH7% - 11%5% - 8%5% - 8%


  • 20 kg bags on pallets of 60 bags
  • 800/1000 kg big bags
  • bulk


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