Italian ryegrass double compressed small bales


Natural Italian ryegrass hay (Gramineae and Leguminosae)

25, 40 or 80 kg double compressed bales tied with nylon twines

Potein content: 9% – 10%

Fibre lenght:

  • 3 – 5 cm
  • 5 – 10 cm

Product informations

Ryegrass double compressed bales consists of a natural forage from pastures of mixed grasses/legumes (Gramineae: Phleum pratense, Lolium italicum, Lolium perenne, Poa pratensis, Dactylis glomerata, Bromus inermis, Bromus catharticus and Leguminosae: Medicago sativa) selected, selected and naturally suncured.

Ryegrass double compressed bales is the ideal basis of a balanced diet for livestock animals thanks to:

  • Its high level of cellulose.
  • Its substantial content of crude protein and lysine (essential amino acid).
  • Its low levels of starch and sugar (below 12%).
  • Its proper Calcium to Phosphorus ratio.
  • Its high energy content compared to other roughage.

Instructions for use

Ryegrass double compressed small bales is a fodder of excellent nutritional composition, rich in highly digestible fiber, sugar, protein, mineral and vitamin.
Thanks to its long fiber texture, ryegrass hay stimulates chewing and rumination, improving digestion.
Suitable for all livestock animals, administer ryegrass hay ad libitum, in completion of the daily ration.


Suitable for

Nutritional facts

Average analysis on dry matter basis

Moisture 9,68 %
Protein 9,44 %
ADF 41,8 %
aNDFom 59,74 %
Ash 6,52 %
Fat 1,84 %
Sugar 8,96 %
ADL 7,3 %


Double compressed bales tied with nylon twines and wrapped in blocks.

Options available
Small:     cm 55 x 40 x 30, weight 25 kg
Medium:  cm 55 x 40 x 45, weight 40 kg
Big:         cm 55 x 40 x 90, weigh 80 kg

25 kg bales only can be delivered on pallets of 48 bales, this option is not available for the 45 and 80 kg bales.

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