Fieno di primo taglio, trinciato in balloni

Natural Italian ryegrass hay (Gramineae and Leguminosae)

700 – 800 kg bales tied with plastic ropes or iron wires

Protein content:

  • High finer: 7% – 9%
  • Standard: 9% – 11%
  • Premium: > 12%

Fibre lenght:

  • 3 – 5 cm
  • 5 – 10 cm

Product informations

Ryegrass is the natural Italian spring grass hay.

It consists of first-cut forage from pastures of mixed grasses/legumes (Graminaceous: Phleum pratense, Lolium italicum, Lolium perenne, Poa pratensis, Dactylis glomerata, Bromus inermis, Bromus catharticus and Legumes: Medicago sativa) selected, suncured or dehydrated and pressed into bales.

It is a highly palatable and extremely digestible forage, enabling animals consuming it to maintain high dry matter intake levels and outstanding performance.
The nutritional value of Italian Ryegrass is characterized by its content of carbohydrates (highly digestible fiber and sugar), proteins and micro-elements, such as minerals and vitamins.
Moreover, ryegrass plays an irreplaceable dietary role due to its fiber physical structure: by promoting chewing, it contributes to the regulation of rumen pH, with beneficial effects on digestion.

Italian Ryegrass is completely natural and it is GMO-free.
Ryegrass’ selection and processing in Gruppo Carli facilities allow to obtain a healthy forage, free from foreign bodies, without mold or internal fermentation, 100% usable.
The fiber length (max 10 cm) also contributes to the shortening of the grinding time in the TMR preparation with consequent reduction of daily ration costs.

Instructions for use

The fiber digestibility of ryegrass makes of this forage the nutritional base of the livestock feeding, both for ruminants and monogastric animals, mainly dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goat, camels, buffaloes and horses.
Ryegrass bales can be administered as a ready forage, combined with other components in the TMR, or added as an ingredient in the complete feeds.


Suitable for

Nutritional facts

PROTEIN o.d.m.7% - 9%9% - 11%0.12
ADF40 - 45%38 - 43%35 - 40%
NDF55 - 62%52 - 59%50 - 57%


700 – 800 kg big bales tied with iron wires
700 – 800 kg big bales tied with plastic ropes

Bales dimensions: cm 80 X 220 x 110


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