Alfalfa with high fibre content in pellets for horses

High-fibre, dehydrated and pelleted alfalfa specifically for horses.

Diameter 6, 8, 10 mm

Protein content: 11% s.s.

Available in:

  • 20 – 25 kg bags on pallet of 60 bags
  • 500 – 1500 kg jumbo bags
  • bulk


Product informations

HF Alfalfa – High Fiber Alfalfa contains pure selected stems of alfalfa (Medicago sativa), dehydrated and compressed into pellets through a mechanical process that involves no chemical additives or glues.

It is the perfect fiber-based forage for overweight horses and ponies’ maintenance, as well as for senior animals.

HF Alfalfa is ideal for the maintenance diet of horses and other equids, thanks to:

• its high content of cellulose
• its low levels of starch and sugar (below 12%)
• its balanced Calcium to Phosphorus ratio
• its low-energy content

HF Alfalfa is perfect for animals needing a limitation of energy intake (BCS ≥ 3/5) but supplying good quantities of calcium and lysine.
Thanks to its long-lasting buffering action, HF Alfalfa is a valuable aid to horses affected by gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS).
Thanks to its low level of non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) HF Alfalfa is the first-choice feed for horses and ponies prone to NSC (starch/sugar/fructans) associated disorders, such as laminitis, colic, metabolic syndrome, cushing, chronic diarrhea, gastric ulcers) or for those animals already affected by such conditions.
For its relatively low protein content and a good level of lysine, HF Alfalfa is an ideal feed for senior horses and horses with kidney-related problems.

Instructions for use

It is advised to feed HF Alfalfa as 20%-50% of the total daily forage supply (2.5 kg per day for a horse weighing 500 kg).

It is recommended to provide horses free access to a regular source of clean fresh water and salt.


Suitable for

Nutritional facts

Average analytical data (% on dry matter basis)

Moisture 7.2
Digestible energy (ED) 2.02 MCal/kg
Raw protein 11.1
Lysine 0.56
Fiber 35.5
Lignin   7.8
ADF 43.3
NDF 58.3
WSC 10.7
ESC  8.7
Starch  0.4
NFC 19.6
Raw fat 1.6
Ash 9.4
Calcium 0.60
Phosphorous 0.30
Magnesium 0.17
Potassium 3.45
Sodium 0.025
Chlorine 0.51
Sulfur 0.16
Iron 188
Zinc  27
Copper   8
Manganese  26
Molybdenum 1.3
Cobalt 1.22
RFV 88



Available in:

  • 25 kg bags on pallet of 60 bags
  • 500 – 1500 kg jumbo bags
  • bulk



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