Dehydrated alfalfa half-sized bales

Dehydrated Alfalfa bales from 1st to 6th cut.

400 – 420 kg bales tied with plastic strips

Potein content:

  • Standard: 14 %- 16%
  • Good: 17% – 19%
  • Premium: > 20%

Fibre lenght:

  • 3 – 5 cm
  • 5 – 10 cm

Product informations

Pure alfalfa naturally grown on Italian fields, dehydrated, chopped and pressed into bales.

The alfalfa bales production process preserves the product’s distinguishing original nutritional properties: protein, minerals, lipids, vitamins, pro-vitamins e polyunsaturated fats (omega-3 and omega-6), besides sugar, organic acid and carotene.

Thanks to its high feeding value, alfalfa bales is the perfect feed for dairy cows, sheep and goats, horses, camels, rabbits and other livestock animals as it improves their performance and production.

Alfalfa bales produced by Gruppo Carli is completely natural and GMO-free.

Benefits of Alfalfa:

High quality protein. Worldwide researches in animal nutrition prove the high quality of alfalfa’s vegetable protein. Using alfalfa bales as a source of protein improves quality of milk, meat and eggs. That makes it an efficient forage, reducing the requirement of supplements in animal’s diet, for more economical farming.

High nutrient availability. Dehydration process and storage procedures preserve natural nutrient complement of the plant. Besides the vegetable protein content, alfalfa is a natural and recognized source of: Fiber, Vitamin E, Calcium, Amino acids, Selenium, Potassium. Beta carotene is a precursor of Vitamin A, promoting health and good performance.

Fibre source. Alfalfa is a superior fibre source due to a low proportion of cell walls and a high proportion of digestible carbohydrates and protein. Therefore, alfalfa hay bales can be consumed in larger quantities than most forages.

Reduction of Heat Stress. Alfalfa is rich in available minerals and vitamins, which are especially necessary in hot or humid climates. The available minerals of alfalfa rapidly replace the ones lost in sweating, reducing heat stress and allowing the animal to ingest same quantities of feed as in cooler climates, with benefits on milk production levels.

Other alfalfa hay bales attributes are palatability and uniform quality during long time period.

Instructions for use

Alfalfa hay bales can be administered as a ready feed combined with other ingredients for a balanced diet.

Thanks to its long fiber, alfalfa hay bales stimulates chewing and rumination. It is a fodder palatable to consume, easy to digest and free from harmful components.


Suitable for

Nutritional facts

CUT1 - 2 cut3 - 4 cut5 - 6 cut
HARVESTING PERIODApril - MayJune - JulyAugust - October
PROTEIN o.d.m.14% - 16%17 - 19%>20%
RFV120 - 140140 - 160150 - 175


400 – 420 kg rectangular bales tied with plastic stripes
Bales dimensions: 110 x 120 x 80 cm


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