Alfalfa in pellet or hay bales,  is a perennial leguminous plant which provides top quality fodder for livestock.

The fodder plant par excellence, alfalfa is the most widespread crop in Italy and the world. It represents a crucial source of vegetable proteins for animal farming and, besides being rich in vitamins and minerals, it is an inexhaustible source of digestible fibres, indispensable for the growth of healthy and long-living animals, able to produce top-quality milk, meat and eggs. 

The most important use of alfalfa bales or pellet is the dairy industry, as it is considered the premier forage for dairy cows, sheep and goats. Furthermore, in addition to alfalfa pellet for goats, cows and sheep there are much more kind of this feed, which is also used extensively for other animal, in fact there are alfalfa hay for horses, and for camels, laying hens, alfalfa hay for rabbits, pigs and and other animals.