Ryegrass and alfalfa wafer for horses

Cubes of 50% ryegrass and 50% alfalfa.

Size 3×3 cm

Protein content: 14% s.s.

Available in:

  • 18 kg bags on pallet of 70 bags
  • bulk

Product informations

Protein-based feed for horses with highly digestible fibre, Carli Wafer is produced from native Mediterranean plants growing in the hills of the Italian region of Romagna, characterised by optimal soil and climate conditions for growing forage.

It contains pastures of mixed grasses (Phleum pratense, Lolium italicum, Lolium perenne, Poa pratensis, Dactylis glomerata, Bromus inermis, Bromus catharticus) and alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in a 1:1 ratio (50% Grass and 50% Alfalfa) selected, naturally wilted or high-temperature dehydrated, cleared of dust and packed in sealed bags.

Wafer is the ideal protein-based feed with highly digestible fibre for a balanced diet of horses and other equines thanks to:

  • Its high amount of cellulose.
  • Its exceptional protein content with a high level of lysine (an essential amino acid).
  • Its low levels of starch and sugar (below 12%).
  • Its high calcium content.
  • Its high-energy content compared to other roughage.

For such reasons it is a fibre-based feed of a new class of roughages, both safe and palatable to horses.

Instructions for use

Carli Wafer can make up to 40-60% of the total forage daily ration in a horse’s proper diet.

A horse of kg 500 body weight should eat between 4 to 6 kilos of Wafer per day.

We also recommend providing horses a free access to regular supply of clean fresh water and plain white table salt.


Suitable for

Nutritional facts


Typical analysis (% on dry matter)
Moisture 6,4
Digestible Energy (ED) 2.18 MCal/kg
Protein 14,9
Lysine 0.64
Cellulose 31.72
Lignin 8.1
ADF 38.4
NDF 50.2
WSC 7.8
ESC 4.5
Starch 1.0
NFC 19.3
Fat 2.4
Ash 9.8
Calcium 1.56
Phosphorus 0.34
Magnesium 0.31
Potassium 1.84
Sodium 0.057
Chloraine 0.41
Sulphur 0.28
Iron 694
Zync 39
Copper 15
Manganese 49
Molybdenum 1.6
Cobalt 0.78




Available in:

  • 18 kg bags on pallet of 70 bags
  • bulk


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