Gruppo Carli website speaks Arabic, Chinese and Japanese

We are delighted to announce the new versions of our website for our Arabic, Chinese and Japanese speaking users.

By launching these new versions of the website in 3 Asian languages, Gruppo Carli pursuits its commitment to promoting alfalfa as an essential basis for healthy and sustainable animal feeding.

Our goal is to offer current and prospective visitors an easier way to get to know Gruppo Carli, foster better communication with international partners, and engage worldwide stakeholders.

We have worked to make sure our site contains useful information to assist you during your navigation and to facilitate your business: information about our forage, feed and bedding, logistic information, authentic contents on the company community and news about our activities.

Should you retain to send us suggestions, questions or comments, please do not hesitate, they will be invaluable ideas for our improvement!

Thank you.

homepage in arabic chinese and japanese