”Life has taught us that the family is "important" and when love, respect and solidarity exist in the family, everyone's energies are multiplied and can become creative,productive and positive for the company.

Because the biggest satisfactions are the ones we share." 

                                                                Alfredo Carli


Gruppo Carli is a family-run business farming, processing and selling quality forage since 1960.

With 200 employees and 4000 farms, more than 20,000 people are involved with the Group. Human factor is really important for Gruppo Carli and total employee involvement is company’s real strength.
The protection of health and safety of the workplace has always been the focus of the Gruppo Carli as a key element to ensure the integrity of its employees.

Group companies produce, for three generations, feed materials for animal nutrition. These feed materials, composed primarily of alfalfa and forage, in bales or pellets, are the forage basis essential for all ruminants (sheep, goats, buffalo and cattle) and grazing livestock (horses, camels and rabbits).

Gruppo Carli is leader in Italy in alfalfa and dehydrated forages production.
Our yearly production capacity is approximately 300.000 tons of product.

Gruppo Carli products are known and appreciated throughout the world: industry experience, business sense and innovative technologies have lead to significant domestic and international market expansion.

Core markets are Europe and non-EU markets like the Middle East, North Africa and the Far East.




In the Sixties, the brothers Andrea, Ernesto and Alfredo set up a family-run fodder pressing and milling business.

The tradition of a noble and ancient profession like farming was completed by a desire to grow and innovate on the part of a particularly receptive second generation.

Today, the Group companies are run by members of the three generations of the Carli family: the diverse experiences and aptitudes are an irreplaceable resource that enhances the Group and makes it one of a kind.

The Carli Group consists of 20 well organized companies with as their core business the production of animal feed.

The Group’s pyramid structure comprises crop-growing and animal-raising farms, raw-material processing plants, trading companies operating at national and international level, logistic, technical and administrative service companies, and the management of plants for the production of renewable energies.