Discover how Gruppo Carli guarantees forage quality

What stands behind the quality of Gruppo Carli forage?


Gruppo Carli, the national leader in the production of alfalfa and dehydrated fodder, continues to pursue improvement in agricultural practices, products, and company management.
Technological innovation, employee training, safe workplaces and product optimization are strategic factors for Gruppo Carli in achieving the corporate’s major goal, the total quality.
Thanks to the know-how acquired during the decades, the technology employed in the production process and the product tracing and analytic system, Gruppo Carli is able to offer breeders a range of healthy, sustainable and constant quality fodder, perfectly applicable to dynamic rationing systems.

Each day, we strive to ensure the quality of our fodder and grains by:

Destined to cultivate fodder and grains, all terrain is carefully evaluated, verifying that there are no hazardous industries nearby and particularly taking care of land adjacent to roads with intense traffic (for example, creating natural smog barriers with hedges or trenches).

All operations – from plowing the fields to cutting the fodder and transporting to the deposit – are carried out in accordance with the agricultural regulations and procedures of the HACCP manual. All production facilities are GMP+ certified. As to our Quality Managers? As to our Quality Managers, they are the animals that feed on our products!

In 1996, the first farm of the Group was awarded organic certification. Today, all the land directly cultivated by Carli Group companies is worked using the organic method. 

The natural fertility of our soils is safeguarded by alfalfa: during crop rotation, its roots assimilate nitrogen gas which, once synthesized, is released into the soil, acting as green manure for subsequent crops.

Registering raw materials and finished products in production batches ensures a rigid traceability system, allowing us to control the supply chain and ensure the transparency of the production process.

1500 laboratory analyses per year are carried out on samples of raw materials and finished products, ensuring we offer breeders the right product for every need in order to optimize the feed and economic efficiency of the stable.  

The people working in the fields are trained in agricultural practices that are more respectful of nature, whilst those working in the production facilities are trained on the principles of hygiene and traceability in the production of fodder and feed. 

Our fodder and grains are harvested during early ripening to obtain excellent nutritional content.

Emblematic of the Carli Group quality, dehydrated fodder is safe and sanitized, maintaining a nutritional value similar to that of freshly-cut grass. The qualitative calibration and shredded form render the Carli Group dehydrated forage ideal for precision husbandry, reducing waste and loss in rationing. 

The finished products, in bales and pellets, are stored in ventilated warehouses or covered platforms, ensuring the preservation of the nutrient properties, color and scent for a long time.
The warehouses and their intended use are registered in the HACCP system. 

During the production processes, Carli Group plants use energy from 12 MW of solar power entirely installed on their roofs.

The know-how accumulated over 60 years in the field (in both a literal and figurative sense!) is our first guarantee of quality.