About 49 million laying hens, 40 million turkeys and broilers and about 8 million rabbits, 13 billion eggs and 1.7 million tons of poultry meat – this is the summary, in figures, of the Italian poultry industry.

The International Poultry Show FIERAVICOLA is the most important poultry exhibition in the Mediterranean. The event, scheduled from 5th to 7th of April in Forli, celebrates this year its 50th edition!

Created as the perfect platform for B2B meetings for domestic and international companies, the event’s aim is to present and promote the excellence. Technical, scientific and business seminars complete the offer of the exhibitors, coming from all the sectors connected to the poultry sector (breeding, feeding, veterinary, eggs and meat processing, packaging and logistic, consultancy and marketing services).

  Key topics of the show are technology innovation, sustainability and animal welfare. The last two are closely connected to Gruppo Carli activity, so we will exhibit again this year, presenting our completely natural sustainable vegetal fiber beddings.

  Gruppo Carli beddings are composed 100% of straw coming from cereals cultivated in Italy and the manufacturing process is mechanic, with no addition of additives or glues. Once used they can be employed as fertilizer in the soil or as substrate in the biotransformation processes for composting.

  In this way we offer maximum comfort to the animals and the maximum respect to the environment!