Pacciamatura naturale in paglia di cereali

Cereal straw mulch

Shape: crushed pellet

Use: garden mulch


  • bulk
  • 500/1000/1500 kg jumbo bags with or without pallet
  • 20 kg bags on pallet of 60 bags


Product informations

Gruppo Carli straw comes from organic cereals, grown on Italian fields and processed by Group premises in Italy.
Hard and soft wheat, spelt and barley are cultivated with no use of chemical fertilizers, pesticide treatments or irrigation.
Gruppo Carli straw is completely natural and mechanically processed only: cutting, chopping, pelletizing and crushing pellets involves no additives or other substances.
The crushed straw is widely used in gardening as a natural mulch that limits the growth of weeds, reduces water consumption and facilitates healthy and eco-friendly plant growth.


  • Applied to the base of plants, Gruppo Carli crushed straw reduces the growth of weeds by as much as 80-90%, in a completely natural way.
  • 100% ecological and biodegradable, Gruppo Carli crushed straw mulching is sustainable, and allows you to avoid using herbicides and plastics, such as LDPE film.
  • Thanks to a high temperature pelletization process, Gruppo Carli crushed straw is hygienic, and prevents the proliferation of parasites and diseases.
  • Its granularity ensures uniform soil coverage, while its high water absorption capacity allows water savings of up to 50%.
  • With its neutral pH, Gruppo Carli organic mulch straw helps maintain the natural acidity of the soil, enriching it with micronutrients, allowing superficial gaseous exchanges, and facilitating healthy plant growth.

Instructions for use

Recommended for greenhouse and vegetable garden cultivations, and for gardens and flower beds.
Before application, remove any weeds and moisten the soil.
With the help of a rake, uniformly distribute approx. 1.5 kg of the product per square meter, leaving enough space to allow the product to swell to three times the volume when wet.
Water abundantly until the product is saturated, taking on a dark brown color.
Water again once the surface has dried completely.



  • bulk
  • 500/1000/1500 kg jumbo bags with or without pallet
  • 20 kg bags on pallet of 60 bag

The bags are available in paper (neutral or Gruppo Carli branded) or in white polypropylene.


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