Biological feeding system for lactating ruminants

Complementary organic feed for ruminants specifically designed for the lactation phase, nutritionally and structurally accurate.

High quality forages mixed with concentrates.


  • In 25 kg bags on pallets of 60 pieces;
  • In jumbo bags (500/1200/1500 kg) with or without pallets;
  • In bulk.


This is a complementary organic feed for dairy ruminants designed for use in the self-supplying unit.
We wanted to create a pellet that would not only be firm and palatable, but also highly digestible and low in acid.
The choice of ingredients went to the best quality alfalfa, which alone makes up more than 50% of the total and is responsible for the protein supply. Maize and locust beans are also important NFC (starch and sugar) contributors, the latter contributing, together with alfalfa, to a higher Pectin content.
The feedback from users confirms the success of the product, which has also been successfully used on small ruminants (sheep and goats), on which this feed is successfully used in capture during milking.


Organic Alpharobot is suitable for use where farm management requires the timely administration of concentrates in relatively large amounts at a few times of the day.

  • On dairy cows it can be administered in doses of up to 3.5-4 kg/time, which is common in high production milking robot barns.
  • On small ruminants it can be used as such in high doses (500-700g) without inducing evidence of lowering the ruminal pH.

Alpharobot is also suitable for use as a base on which to mix cereals, a frequent practice on sheep and goats: it is advisable not to push the inclusion of cereals beyond 30% and to reduce the maximum quantity of each single dose by at least 30%, possibly increasing the number of administrations over 24 hours.
For uses other than those mentioned above, it is advisable to work under the guidance of a trusted technician.




  • In 25 kg bags on pallets of 60 pieces;
  • In jumbo bags (500/1200/1500 kg) with or without pallets;
  • In bulk.



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